Ardishapur focuses on ''roots of the faith'' and ''embracing new races into the traditional fold''

New Eden News | YC112-04-16

Amarr Prime - The first of Yonis Ardishapur's speaking engagements was held today in Dam-Torsad on Amarr Prime. Speaking before a crowd of just under a thousand for little over an hour, the heir has focused mainly on his views on religion, the Empire, and the roles of all peoples in its future.

Ardishapur called on all those attending the event to "remember where you came from. Be you a freed slave, a descendant of slaves, a merchant, a Navy officer, a Holder, or even royalty, it is paramount to remember the roots of the faith. All men are created to serve God and do His will. It is not merely time served that shall be rewarded, but the conviction and faith with which you serve."

Additionally, Ardishapur made clear his views on the other races of the cluster. "All people must one day be brought into God's embrace, through their own choice or through our guiding hand. Embrace those who would learn, defeat those who would make mockery of God's way. Through the penance of deeds, the sins of forefathers may eventually be washed away. This is the Amarr way and it is the future, if the Empire is to thrive."

The heir closed his speech thanking those for attending and promising that he would "never forget the sacrifices made by the true faithful in times of falsehood."