Mentas Blaque Announces Senate Resignation

New Eden News | YC112-04-14

Villore - After a long and distinguished career, Senator Mentas Blaque announced today that he would be stepping down from his elected position in the Gallente Senate effective immediately. With over two years remaining in his current term, Senator Blaque's early departure will trigger a special election within his home district to name a successor.

Of greater importance is the loss of Blaque's leadership role as the Head of Senate. For years, Mentas Blaque has had a direct hand in shaping Gallente policy, and has used this influence in advancing his political agenda. An internal election will be held over the next few days, in which the Senate will promote one of its current members to the vacant position.

In his surprise announcement made from the Senate floor at the conclusion of this afternoon's session, Senator Blaque stated that this move is far from a total departure from public life. Indeed, Mentas Blaque will continue to serve as head of the Federal Intelligence Office, an appointment that was re-confirmed by President Jacus Roden. Given the recent acrimony caused by Blaque's unique position in both the legislative and executive branches of government, this move is seen as a way to appease his harshest critics. Some political experts have suggested that this was a back-room deal brokered by President Roden. If true, this move could indicate that Roden has been able to deliver what several attempts at internal Senate censure could not.

More jaded political commentators continue to criticize Blaque however, going so far as to imply that this move allows him to concentrate his energies in the FIO, where he can act without the intervention of the Federation Senate.