Trade on Ammatar-Minmatar Border Halts as Authorities Impose Order

New Eden News | YC112-03-25

Pashanai - In response to heightened terror alerts across the Amarr Empire following the Pashanai attack, Amarr Customs has mobilized to lock down civilian travel on many heavily trafficked transit routes. At checkpoints along the Ammatar-Minmatar border, the sudden density of traffic and limited customs presence has resulted in complete curtailment of trade and transit vessels.

Jaikhan Dhomn, a Thukker merchant employed at the Trust Partners Trading Post in Tanoo, was planning to cross the border with his family when he learned of the security lockdown. "Everyone is afraid and angry after this [attack]. The Amarr fear us for what the Bloody Hand did, and we fear the Amarr for what they will do in return," he said.

Capsuleer traffic remains unimpeded across the Empire. Amarr Customs Commander Bachain Zhaide commented, "Everything that happens to a capsuleer ship, every ounce of goods moved on or off it, is logged in meticulous detail by CONCORD. Amarr Customs has directives not to interrupt capsuleer traffic beyond standard procedure. We barely have enough manpower as it is, so if CONCORD keeps track of the capsuleers, we have more resources to dedicate to keeping everyone else safe."

Amarr Customs has given no indication of when it expects the lockdown to end.