Secondary Explosions Lead to Further Loss of Life

New Eden News | YC112-04-05

Pashanai - A series of secondary explosions has rocked the shattered hulk of the Ministry of War station in Pashanai. Given the extensive and ongoing rescue and recovery operations taking place, this new series of blasts is sure to add to the death toll, especially among responders and aid workers.

It is unclear as yet what caused these secondary blasts. While some theorize that they are the result of charges placed by the original terrorists with the express purpose of targeting first responders, the Bloody Hand of Matar has not yet claimed credit. Further, there is some indication that these smaller explosions may be the delayed result of damage to the station's power-generation infrastructure.

Rescue crews are redoubling their efforts to free aid workers who have become trapped. Ministry of War officials have brought in an investigative crew in an attempt to determine the cause of the blasts, though serious forensic work may be forced to wait until the bulk of critical rescue operations are complete.