CBT Investigators Arrest Caldari Funds Unlimited CEO

New Eden News | YC112-04-05

Litiura - Caldari Funds Unlimited CEO Jaan Omura was taken into custody this morning by investigators from the Caldari Business Tribunal on charges of treason, espionage, fraud, and embezzlement. The arrests accompanied a continuing investigation into financial malfeasance at the State's largest independent bank.

A Tribunal release laid out the charges against Omura, which stem from a series of "unusual financial transactions" between accounts registered to Omura at Caldari Funds Unlimited, the State and Region Bank, the Garoun Investment Bank, and a number of other smaller financial institutions in the State, Federation, and the Intaki Syndicate. In addition, the Tribunal also stated that Omura had been documented meeting with known Gallente agents on at least four separate occasions, and that her personal clearances had been used to access a number of low-level House of Records databases.

Reaction from the Caldari megacorporations has generally been in the form of shock. Indications appear to be that few people outside the CBT saw this investigation and the subsequent arrests coming before rumors began to leak out earlier this month. Both Kaalakiota and the Directorate have declined to comment, but Wiyrkomi CEO Kuruta Irio demanded that the Tribunal hand over their initial findings to the Chief Executive Panel immediately. Nugoeihuvi CEO Morimo Yagala released a statement saying that the charges were "extremely troubling" and demanded a "thorough and expedient" investigation in order to allay the fears of the market.

Omura released a statement through her lawyer denying all charges, saying that she was not involved in any criminal acts at the financial giant, nor was she aware that any of the people she had met with were connected to Gallente intelligence. She blamed the charges on "political pressure to create a scapegoat" and called for an internal review of the Tribunal investigation.