Republic University Scholar Causes Controversy over Pashanai Attack

New Eden News | YC112-04-02

Hulm - A senior scholar at the Republic University upset many Amarr citizens today over his comments regarding the attack in the Pashanai system system a week ago. Erglan Vros, a Krusual professor of social studies at the Republic University, made the controversial remarks during an interview to The Wider Social Review, a respected Gallente-based political analysis journal.

When asked by TWSR on last week's events in the Amarr Empire and their effects on the Minmatar Republic's future, Vros stated that he foresees little to no impact on the current political situation as the seven Minmatar tribes work toward a common government.
"The loss of life may be tragic," said Vros, "but I don't see how the bombing in Amarr will disrupt the reunification process. We are forging ahead with creating a new future for the Minmatar people. Our focus is on our new government, not the problems of the Empire."

When asked to expand upon this comment, Vros continued with the controversial statement,
"Given the social factors at play between the Amarr and the Minmatar, it is clear how violent organizations such as the Bloody Hand will continue to spawn. If the Amarr want to look at who brought about such actions, then they should look to themselves."

Since their publication earlier today, Erglan Vros's remarks have been met with outrage among many in the Amarr Empire, including prominent Holders and theological scholars. The Republic University has yet to issue comment on the situation.