Crielere Inquiry Announced by the Caldari Providence Directorate

New Eden News | YC112-04-06

New Caldari - The Caldari Providence Directorate announced an inquiry into the Crielere project today, amid rumors that evidence of "anti-Caldari" activities has been unearthed.

Nugoeihuvi recently began research for a documentary about the Crielere Project, and it is understood that the CPD became interested in the project after a researcher leaked information concerning a private deal between Jacus Roden and an unconfirmed Caldari megacorporation.

The Crielere Project was a joint Caldari and Gallente research project that ended in YC 106 following significant scientific breakthroughs, including the potential of morphite in manufacturing processes. The project ended in controversy after numerous thefts, espionage scandals, and the deaths of the head scientists.