Federal Navy Turned Back at Intaki Stargate

New Eden News | YC112-03-04

Intaki - The Federal Navy relief force assigned to re-establish control of the Intaki system was denied access to the Intaki stargate in Agoze earlier today. Representatives of the Intaki System Command reportedly informed Admiral Gouenette, who is commanding the force, that the Navy had no jurisdiction in Intaki, and that their presence was "neither required nor welcomed."

After the liberation of Intaki and other systems by Federal Defence Union pilots last week, the Federation Navy rapidly mobilized units to systematically restore military command to the affected areas. However, Intaki leadership has rejected the protection that the navy offered to provide, preferring instead to rely on their newfound Caldari associates.

The future of Intaki has been a subject of much speculation since the arrival of Ishukone and Mordu's Legion vessels several months ago. While many citizens have assumed that the liberation of the system would see a return to the previous status quo, signatories to the Federal Charter retain the legal right to determine various aspects of the Assembly of their original territories. This includes the "Shipping and Security" franchise, which regulates commercial shipping and which is traditionally assigned to FedMart and the Federal Navy and Customs.

Sources within the Intaki Assembly assert that the deal with Ishukone and Mordu's Legion was made in good faith and in the interests of the Intaki people. On condition of anonymity, a senior official said, "The Ishukone Agreement represented, and continues to represent, the best option for the long-term safety and security of our society." Federal officials have refused to comment on what they describe as "an internal Intaki matter."