Heth confirmed in stable condition as CONCORD confers in closed session

New Eden News | YC114-12-03

Tibus Heth, Executor of the Caldari State, who was the victim of a shooting attack at a political rally in the city of Okushin on New Caldari Prime last Friday afternoon, has been confirmed by the Caldari Providence Directorate to be alive and in stable condition. According to the report, the Caldari head of state came to consciousness shortly after noon Saturday and has since then been engaged in ceaseless talks with members of his government as well as CONCORD officials. He has been described by one highly placed source as "restless and agitated, but hyper-focused."

The Inner Circle, CONCORD's prime regulatory body, has sat in closed session since early this morning. It is unknown at this point what the subject of their session is, but unconfirmed reports indicate that wide-ranging legislative changes may be under discussion.

Rumors and speculation abound as to the nature of Friday's incident on New Caldari Prime, particularly in the wake of a recording being released of what looks like the perpetrator of the attack, being removed from the scene by Provist guards. The recording shows that as the robed figure is dragged away its hood falls off, revealing a helmet with a matte black visor. The figure was also seen to be wearing full body armor of unidentified design. It is unknown at this point whether the suspect is dead or alive.

The figure's appearance has sparked much public discussion. In particular, questions have been raised about how an individual wearing full body armor managed to evade detection long enough to get within striking distance of the Caldari State's Chief Executor. The Minmatar Republic, Amarr Empire and Gallente Federation have all sent out statements of condolence, with the Amarr Empire expressing its commitment to assisting with the apprehension of the would-be assassin and the orchestrators of his attempt. The Guristas have also sent a message of their own: early Saturday morning, a shower of black roses descended on the Provincial Directorate Headquarters in Okushin, while the message "JUSTICE FOR ALL" was broadcast along with the Guristas logo on every monitor in the compound for a full minute.

Maxim Peltast, controversial Federation Marquee journalist and outspoken opponent of capsule pilots, last night had this to say in a broadcast interview:

"In the current climate, no nation would go this far. The instability it would have created would have had such far-reaching consequences that every nation in the cluster would have been affected. Nobody wants that. Nobody except a certain group of people I can think of. A certain group with no affiliation to anyone but themselves. A certain group which some affectionately call eggers. Who else would have both the resources to do something like this as well as the complete amorality to go through with it, regardless of consequences? Think about it."

CONCORD's Inner Circle will reportedly be conferring and coordinating with all of the organization's separate divisions in the hours to come. Talks are expected to continue throughout the night.