Federal Senate petitions CONCORD in the wake of Evaulon Incident

New Eden News | YC114-12-08

LADISTIER - The Office of Federal President Jacus Roden this morning confirmed for the first time publicly that the Senate has handed a petition to the CONCORD Assembly's Inner Circle.

The petition comes at the request of Federal Loyalist Capsuleer Julianus Soter, Executor of Federal Defense Union alliance Villore Accords, in the wake of the Serpentis strike against the Federal city of Rilnais on November 29th.

In a statement confirming the petition had been handed to the CONCORD Assembly, Corillis Achres, Secretary to President Roden, confirmed that "the petition was raised due to what a number of Federal Citizens feel was an act of gross negligence on the part of the Directive Enforcement Department, after its failure to respond to an orbital strike orchestrated and executed by Serpentis Capsuleer pilots against the Federal City of Rilnais.

Keraimo Hakanuro, Chief Investigating Officer for the Inner Circle's Internal Affairs Department, released a follow-up statement approximately an hour ago, detailing that "a full investigation into Directive Enforcement Department involvement -- or lack thereof -- in the Rilnais Incident will be reviewed under Article 2 of the Yulai Convention."

In the statement, Mr. Hakanuro also stipulated that "as a matter of principle and transparency throughout the duration of the investigation, the involvement of both the Federation Navy and Federal Intelligence Office would also be reviewed and called into account," before citing several instances in the past five years where Federal borders have been compromised without proper response from Federation Navy and Tripwire forces.

There has been no public response from the Office of President Jacus Roden at this time. However, Scope News can confirm that preliminary investigation into Federal border security has already been scheduled to begin next week.