Inner Circle Investigation into Evaulon Incident concludes.

New Eden News | YC114-12-21

VILLORE - The Federal Senate and Inner Circle reconvened this afternoon to discuss the results of the investigation into what has become widely known as the Evaulon Incident.

Chief Investigating Officer of Inner Circle Internal Affairs Keraimo Hakanuro addressed the Federal Senate at 14:00 with a statement that included a 114-page document detailing recommendations and requirements for improvements to the Federation Navy's Tripwire division.

During his address, Chief Hakanuro brought to light "a number of issues with Tripwire defenses, and in some instances quite blatant holes in policy and procedure that could lead to breaches of Federal Security." Excerpts from the document, which were made available to media outlets under the Federal Freedom of Information Act, show references to recommendations for changes to a number of Tripwire units across Placid and along the border of Verge Vendor and Syndicate.

The statement also answered questions regarding the lack of response by the Directive Enforcement Department, during which Hakanuro cited clauses from Articles two and five of the Yulai Convention, which outline the specific conditions under which the DED may breach the borders of a sovereign state and override their Navy's authority in order to reinstate peace. In this portion of his address, he insisted that "the criteria for DED intervention within Federal space were not met and as such DED forces remained on regular patrol, as per CONCORD protocol."

He then continued, stating that it was the view of the Inner Circle that "the Federation Navy had failed to react accordingly based on evidence that was apparent to Federal Intelligence services more than seven days prior to the event" and that as such, the Inner Circle had "solid grounds to declare a verdict of negligence on the part of Federation Navy Tripwire forces."

Federation Navy Commanding Officer Anteson Ranchel followed up with a brief statement in which he assured the Federal Senate that "every possible avenue for improvement is being explored, and the Federation Navy is well aware of how forward progress needs to be made."

In conclusion, he also added that "the Federation Navy accepts that there have been a number of cases of negligence within the Tripwire Program's upper command, and in response the Special Department of Internal Investigations arrested two commissioned officers of the Federation Navy late last night, with a view to Court Martial at a date yet to be confirmed."

In a further press release, the Federal Intelligence Office has released the names of the two arrested officers, identifying them as Lead Intelligence Analyst Sidere Rualert and Flight commander Jemes Ernois, both of the Tripwire 21st Amevync Detachment. Several small scale protests have since been dispersed after breaking out in front of the Senate offices in Villore.