Federation Navy Confirms Courts-Martial Of Two Tripwire Officers

New Eden News | YC114-12-27

ESSENCE - In the wake of the Inner Circle investigation into the Evaulon Incident, the Federation Navy has this morning confirmed the courts-martial of two senior officers from Tripwire Border Control.

In a press release made public approximately an hour ago, details have surfaced that both Lead Intelligence Analyst Sidere Rualert and Flight Commander Jemes Ernois pleaded guilty to charges of negligence, professional misconduct and questionable judgment when brought before the Special Department of Internal Investigation. Both officers were immediately dishonorably discharged from Federal service after 16 years and 11 years of service respectively and have subsequently had both their military and commercial flight status revoked.

Shortly after the press release was made public, Thoun Gaterau, Lead Field Agent for the Special Department of Internal Investigation, released a statement to dispel rumors that the two former service personnel may still face criminal charges relating to the loss of life caused during the bombardment of Rilnais. Speaking before the assembled interstellar press at Federation Navy headquarters in Algogille, he stated that "while the dishonorable discharge of Miss Rualert and Mr Ernois has brought their careers with the Federal military to an abrupt halt, the Federal Intelligence Office and Senate do not feel it would be prudent to pursue criminal charges relating to the loss of life in Evaulon."

Soon after the statement from the FIO, both former officers were seen leaving Federation Navy headquarters under armed SDII guard. Neither of them have been available for comment since the hearing concluded.