Blood Raider Scouts Destroyed by Capsuleers

New Eden News | YC114-11-09

The Bleak Lands - A Blood Raiders scouting force was destroyed late last night in Oyonata, after leading capsuleers on a multi-system chase through portions of Domain and the Bleak Lands.

The scouting force, which consisted of two Ashimmu-class cruisers, apparently began their journey early in the day in Delve, which the Blood Raiders call home, and slowly made their way to Niarja in Domain. Upon arrival, the two began receiving intelligence from spies which had infiltrated inhabited planets and discussed the apparent viability of launching attacks upon them.

Local capsuleers, who had been tracking the Blood Raiders since they first began appearing in comm channels, converged on the system and made attempts to interdict them. However, the Raiders managed to evade their pursuers through a combination of cloaking and fast warping.

The two continued on through several systems, continuing to pause briefly in each to receive further planetside intelligence. Reports claim the Raiders appeared most excited in the Sasiekko and Myyhera systems, proclaiming the presence of heavy ground-fighting on inhabited planets and unusual corpses in the aftermath.

With their capsuleer pursuers closing in on them, the Blood Raiders attempted to flee into low security space. They quickly made their way toward Oyonata, formerly the home system of the Blood Raiders prior being ejected from the Bleak Lands several years ago, and currently the site of continued conflict between the 24th Imperial Crusade and Tribal Liberation Force.

In Oyonata, they began a survey of one final planet and rendezvoused with an Archon-class carrier piloted by a long-serving Blood Raider. The capsuleers who had been following them had not broken off their pursuit, however, and engaged the Blood Raiders. While initially lacking the firepower to take down the carrier, additional forces began to pour into the system and an ad hoc fleet of roughly 40 capsuleers eventually destroyed it.

The Blood Raiders managed to escape in their pods and vowed to return to reclaim their former home systems. The Amarr Navy has raised their alert status in the Bleak Lands as a result.