Strange capsuleers hurl snowballs across New Eden

New Eden News | YC114-12-13

In an unusual occurrence in the afternoon of December 13th, a number of individuals throughout New Eden were suddenly accosted by snowball -throwing capsuleers. This unusual group of capsuleers would suddenly appear in a system, declaring their quest for "good snowball fights". After a few brief exchanges of snowballs launched from the newly distributed Festival Launchers, the capsuleers - spouting off nonsense about "Sansha Claus" and his Revenant pulled by 9 Nightmares - would vanish just as suddenly as they had appeared, leaving behind nothing but some extra snowballs and a few very confused locals.

No injuries were reported from the strange occurrence, though CONCORD later attributed the unusual activities to malfunctioning Slave implants and are seeking out others who may be affected by similar issues.