Angel Cartel executes second planetary strike in two days

New Eden News | YC114-09-28

MOLDEN HEATH - The Angel Cartel this afternoon conducted a large-scale attack on a Minmatar planet for the second time in as many days. The attack took place in the Bogelek system, and like its predecessor it centered on a Genesis Vault cluster, an interconnected series of biodomes used by the Minmatar for plant life reconstruction and research.

The vault cluster in question was the largest of the clusters remaining since yesterday's attack, which all but destroyed the facilities on Oddelulf III, killing 450 people and injuring 1500. No motive was known for the attacks yesterday, but information sourced from capsuleers present at the scene of today's attack indicates that the Angel forces in question on both days were after some form of technology, the nature of which remains unknown.

Preliminary reports from the site of today's attack are indicating that around 35 Angel vessels were on the scene in total, taking heavy casualties from capsuleer forces who turned up in an attempt to save the vaults. Angel capsuleers, however, in tandem with capsuleer loyalists working with the Cartel, were able to fend the would-be rescuers off long enough to scour the vaults entirely, though it is unknown at this time whether they found what they were seeking. The incident did not come without cost to the Cartel, though, as Archangel Ground Forces Commander Erdrin Sostold, an infamous veteran of the Skarkon occupation and one of the most experienced commanders in the Angel Cartel, is confirmed to have been killed in an explosion after capsuleer-allied forces cut off escape routes from the Cartel's staging point.

Minmatar Society of Natural Preservation Chairman Gunger Anra refused to comment beyond the statement, "Our thoughts are with the families of the scientists and workers of Bogelek II in this time of tragedy." Though representatives from the Minmatar Republic were unavailable for comment, sources from within the Minmatar Tribal Council have stated the Council has called an extraordinary session to confer on the matter.