Empires increase security in the wake of planetary attacks

New Eden News | YC114-10-30

The Caldari State and the Minmatar Republic have enacted new security measures in the wake of a recent spate of pirate attacks against planets within their respective domains. Late last month, the systems of Oddelulf and Bogelek in the Molden Heath region of Minmatar space saw two coordinated planetary strikes by the Angel Cartel, and this month witnessed a Gurista attack against Caldari planetary holdings in the system of Ohkunen. It is unknown at this time what motivated the attacks.

Though details of the incidents themselves are being kept tightly under wraps by Caldari and Minmatar officials, capsuleer involvement is reported to have been heavy. Several capsuleers who claim to have been present at the Ohkunen attack, speaking on condition of anonymity, report that a number of the Gurista ground troops were left behind on the planet when a task force of capsule pilots decimated their orbital fleet support. After spending two weeks on the barren planet, during which they lost a large number of their people to the hostile elements, the Guristas were then able to make their escape to a Nugoeihuvi station in the Ihakana system where, in taunts broadcast to the capsuleers pursuing them, they claimed to "have friends in high places."

After hiding out on the station for just under two weeks, during which they apparently went undetected by station personnel, the Gurista group was discovered by Caldari Navy troops amidst a Navy blockade. Though they managed to make their escape on board a transport vessel, they were discovered by capsuleers loyal to the Navy and destroyed almost as soon as they exited the station.

The Nugoeihuvi Corporation has released a statement disavowing all ties with the Guristas and announcing that the director of the station in question has had his contract terminated with prejudice. They have also stated that the company is currently undergoing an extensive internal investigation, one that was launched as soon as this matter was uncovered. According to a highly placed source in Tibus Heth's Providence Directorate, an official inquiry into the affairs of the Nugoeihuvi Corporation is also in the works by the Caldari Business Tribunal.

The attacks have provoked alarmed responses from analysts and commentators all over New Eden. Controversial Gallente journalist Maxim Peltast, in his widely read column Mad World last Monday wrote "the savage lawlessness of the capsule pilot and the encroachment of his empty philosophy on all of our worldly affairs has finally reached the only corner more rotten and depraved than his own. We are all truly doomed."

"The thing is, we don't know if these attacks are going to continue, or why indeed they started happening right now," said Chistoh Inuki, senior analyst for prestigious security firm Ikomari-Onu. "It's a good thing the State and Republic are responding, but others need to follow suit and fast. This precedent is entirely too dangerous to ignore."