Surprise Serpentis Attack Devastates Evaulon VII

New Eden News | YC114-11-30

Placid - The city of Rilnais lies in ruin this morning after a surprise attack by the Serpentis Corporation late last night. Close to the equator of Evaulon VII, the city was well known in the Federation for its astonishing growth over the last two decades, due to its close proximity to a highly profitable agricultural installation owned and operated by Combined Harvest.

Serpentis and Guardian Angel forces, along with a contingent of Capsuleers from known Serpentis loyalist organization the Coreli Corporation, returned last night in a second bid to seize the city's supply of the immensely valuable Isirus poppy. A pitched two hour battle in orbit of Evaulon VII ensued, with dozens of ship losses reportedly sustained by pilots who came to the aid of local citizens before all but one of the Serpentis vessels were destroyed. Capsuleer defense forces were however unable to prevent the aggressors from extracting the Isirus harvest and laying waste to the city with a series of over twenty tactical strikes reported from orbit.

Combined Harvest CEO Etien Ganesere made a statement from his office in Boystin this morning, condemning the action of the pirate forces and vowing that his corporation would provide "all support necessary to ensure the prevention of further loss of life from this despicable and barbaric act of terrorism."

Federal Senate representative for the Amevync constellation Rameoa Ordolle joined Mr Ganesere in his denouncement of last night's events, her own press release stating that "those responsible for orchestrating such a brutal, savage and disgraceful attack on peaceful Federal Citizens will be pursued relentlessly until they are brought to justice."

Meanwhile Mentas Blaque, leader of the Black Eagles, has been widely reported to be outraged by the situation, relaying his view in a statement released just moments ago that the Federation "must stop attempting to negotiate with those who seek to threaten and destroy our way of life" and must "realize that it is time to take a proactive stance in defending and securing the safety and dignity of the Gallente people against threats both foreign and domestic, by taking the fight to their into domain, not ours."

Early news reports indicate that Rilnais has been effectively razed to the ground, with the death toll continuously rising as more reports of devastation flood in.