Angel Cartel conduct planetary attack in Oddelulf, hundreds dead

New Eden News | YC114-09-28

MOLDEN HEATH - Just over an hour ago, a fleet of ships belonging to the Angel Cartel conducted a multi-pronged attack and invasion on the settlement of Tialdshad on the planet Oddelulf III. The exact death toll is unknown at this time but confirmed to be in the hundreds, with just over a thousand people injured in the attack.

The Cartel force, numbering over 60 starships and several landing parties, focused their attention on a cluster of Genesis Vaults, giant biodomes containing a wide variety of plant life. The Genesis Vaults are a project initiated by the Thukker tribe but now spearheaded by the Matar Society for Natural Preservation and funded by Native Freshfood. Their purpose is genetic synthesis and eventual full reconstruction of Matar's native flora, large parts of which were destroyed during the Amarr Empire's invasion and occupation of the planet.

"It's devastating," said Gunger Anra, foreman of the Matar Society for Natural Preservation. "This was one of our two biggest vault clusters, and there's almost nothing left of it. Years of dedicated research and billions of ISK down the drain. And for what? What does the Cartel stand to gain from destroying our hard work?" When asked if the Society would make any adjustments to security at the largest remaining Vault site, located at Yishinoon II*, Anra declined to comment.

The attack comes on the heels of a message intercepted by an unknown party and leaked to independent news outlets this morning, where a pair of alleged Angel Cartel capsule pilots are said to be discussing a planned surprise attack on a group they refer to, variously, as "savages" and "gardeners." The motive for the attack is wholly unknown at this point.

*Errata: Due to a miscommunication at time of going to press, the location of the largest remaining Vault site was incorrectly stated. The actual location is Bogelek II.