Recent scientific breakthroughs bring cost of progress under scrutiny

New Eden News | YC114-05-17

The recent and surprising advancements in various scientific fields may have enraptured many, but there is a darker side to progress. The origins of all this new technology tend to alarm those who even get to hear of it at all, while the militaristic emphasis, even in this current climate, is putting the scientific community on edge about future developments. Lastly, there is the Inferno drug itself, a rumored catalyst behind many of these changes, but one that may also be linked to dangerous events and even the deaths of people involved in creating the future.

The most common question asked in all media about these new advances, following on the heels of what they can do for the citizens of New Eden, is where they came from. There had not been any reason to believe that so many fields of complicated scientific endeavour could be pushed forward simultaneously, particularly not in times of war.

As it turns out, we may not have been the first to make these scientific discoveries. While little is known about New Eden's ancient history, it is believed that at least four major civilizations rose and fell in those dark days of our past. One of these, commonly deemed the Sleepers, appears to have left behind a glut of usable technological marvels. These had already been put to some use by those working in the interstellar capsuleer industry, but it is becoming increasingly clear that some recent discovery, tied to the great factional wars and possibly related to advances in ground warfare, suddenly unleashed a torrent of new scientific developments. This has led to a great increase in the harvesting of Sleeper technology - much to the chagrin of those in the scientific community who either would have liked to study the Sleepers' history, biology, technological composition and other aspects of their world without having them being pulled apart in the process, or who simply do not trust them at all. Though none of them care to be officially interviewed on the topic, certain reputable scientists have reportedly claimed that Sleeper technology is much too complex to be used as-is in experiments, especially given how integrated parts of it are with human consciousness.

Another, increasingly voiced argument against this intense use of Sleeper technology in the current climate is its deployment in the ongoing struggle between the empires. From the viewpoint of the common citizen - who, The Scope would like to note, will of course unquestionably support their home faction and its proud troops - these technologies are being used mainly to boost the military-industrial complex. All for the good if the right side wins the war, certainly, but when little-known and badly understood technologies are being rushed to the field in a war that spans immense space and countless lives, the gains - many of which right now are being experienced mostly by interstellar capsuleers and, reportedly, some soldiers in the field - risk being eclipsed by the immense losses if any of these technologies turn out not to work as intended. Or, to our horror, to work all too well.

Take Inferno, which The Scope must note does not exist in any official capacity. Rumors abound of this strange drug - that it is the result of digging too deep in the Sleeper coffins, and that it is being used to further the militaries' causes under the guise of science. Rumors also abound that it is an incredibly dangerous concoction that has ruined the careers of many who have taken it, and directly caused more than a few deaths.

The Scope does not feel qualified to judge whether these recent scientific advances are for the good of mankind. It is to be hoped, however, that those few who enjoy the full range of information on the subject, are also the ones who are willing and capable of making the right decisions not only for their own faction, but for the people of New Eden.