CONCORD Investigation into Federal border security continues

New Eden News | YC114-12-13

YULAI - Capsuleers across the Federation were caught off guard yesterday evening by the appearance of a DED Special Weapons and Tactics unit that originated from their operational headquarters in Genesis.

Headed up by DED SWAT Director Arve Vesren, the task force was part of an ongoing investigation into the integrity of Federal border security in the wake of the Evaulon incident, in which over a quarter of a million Federal citizens lost their lives to a planetary assault orchestrated by the Serpentis Corporation.

Consisting of a trio of Marshal-class battleships, the patrol made its way across Genesis into Federal space, stopping in Luminaire and Algogille before crossing into the Caldari Border Zone system of Kassigainen. After returning and making contact with Federal Tripwire personnel, the DED vessels then carried on to Stacmon before finally coming to rest in Dodixie, the largest trade hub in the Federation, where they were met with verbal hostility from capsuleers.

According to several reports, no in-space aggression was committed against DED forces, and that the three battleships returned to Genesis this morning unmolested after an overnight stay with Federation Navy hospitality. A statement this morning from Director Vesren officially confirmed last night's patrol, and cited the reason for its presence within Federal space as "a part of the ongoing investigation into the reasoning behind several severe breaches in Federal border security in recent months." Director Versren finished her statement with the assurance that "as a result of this investigation, a full report is being prepared for the Federal Intelligence Office that includes recommendations for improvements to Federal border security in Placid, Essence and Verge Vendor."

Thoun Gaterau, Lead Field Agent for the prestigious Villore Division of the Federal Intelligence office this afternoon also released a statement claiming that "the Federation Navy and Federal Intelligence Office were happy to host the Director Vesren and her wingmen for the evening, and will continue to co-operate fully with any reasonable requests that The CONCORD Assembly should have throughout the course of their investigation." When questioned by the press regarding the status of the Federation Navy Tripwire program and discussions between DED and Federal Military personnel, Agent Gaterau declined to comment further.