Combined Harvest Aid Convoy Reaches Evaulon Safely

New Eden News | YC114-12-21

PLACID - Combined Harvest confirmed this morning, in an interview with Avechemon Foundation lead Anderes Duellene, that a convoy carrying over a million cubic meters of aid supplies was successfully escorted to the battle scarred system of Evaulon last night.

A task force commanded by veteran Federal Loyalist capsuleer and Mixed Metaphor CEO Andreus Ixiris set out from Stacmon, ensuring the safe passage of four Anshar class jump freighters which were en-route to a Federal Defence Union staging point in Orvolle for shipment inspection.

The escort fleet then moved on to Evaulon to provide a cynosural beacon for the four jump freighters, all of which subsequently arrived at their destination unharmed. When describing the operation, Mr Duellene commented that "things were thrown into turmoil at one point, when one of our freighters developed propulsion problems and was incapacitated for almost fifteen minutes. Thankfully our capsuleer escort fleet showed calm thinking and solid leadership to ensure no harm came to the stricken vessel."

When contacted regarding his role in leading the escort fleet, Captain Ixiris responded humbly, stating that "through the effort and sacrifice of over a dozen pilots, we got the supplies where they needed to go. It was my honor to command the operation, but the true heroes here are the men and women who put their lives on the line to see it happen."

Despite the success of the convoy, Serpentis Loyalist capsuleers responded by reinforcing the customs office in orbit of the heavily crippled city of Rilnais. The office, owned and operated by Gallente Loyalist capsuleer alliance Villore Accords has since been forced to halt all transport of aid to the surface, and the Federation Navy has taken control of logistics via tactical air drop at a reduced pace.