Preview Marred by Protest - Violence

New Eden News | YC112-09-22

PATOR - Social activists opposed to the newest production of controversial 600-year-old play 'Plantation' at the Minmatar People's Theatre on Pator launched a highly visible complaint last night. About an hour before the curtain went up on the preview, the protestors appeared at the front entrance. As a result, the performance started slightly behind schedule.

The protest remained peaceful until the curtain closed. As the crowd exited the theatre, the protest shifted gears and became violent. The minimal police force present was briefly overwhelmed, but quickly regained control of the crowd. "This production is not racist, it's traitorous," exclaimed one protester as he was arrested.

Wentach Mennar, an ex-member of parliament for the Representative Party, said "It was a good show. An important show. We have been without a parliament for over a year and it is good that someone is asking these questions. People are becoming impatient."