Ardishapur holding public court during engagements in own domains

New Eden News | YC112-05-05

Sasta - In an unusual move, Lord Yonis Ardishapur has begun holding public court while touring his domains. Following his speaking engagements, the Heir has been opening his ears to the grievances of his underlings.

During a recent speaking engagement in the Ammatar system of Sasta, Lord Ardishapur held a public court, encouraging all members of society to bring their problems before him. While it is common for the Heirs to hold Royal Courts and hear the grievances of Holders under their rule, it is highly unusual for commoners to be granted equal standing.

His subjects' reactions have mostly been positive. "Lord Ardishapur's words made me realize the error of my grievance," said Arro Hakim, a Ni-Kunni merchant who had long been attempting to escape a contract made with a Dabka holder. "I made the agreement in good faith and, while it may have ended up worse for me, it is my responsibility to bear, no one else's. I've had scripture quoted at me before, but this time it honestly made a new kind of sense."