Senate Proposes Easing Restrictions on Quafe Corporation

New Eden News | YC112-04-23

Villore - Citing economic concerns, Senator Faron Shu confirmed to the Scope today his intention to introduce legislation that eases restrictions against Quafe Corporation trading and other operations in the Federation.

This announcement comes in the wake of rumors concerning meetings between Quafe Company officials and representatives of both the Federation Senate and the Minmatar Parliament. Sources indicate a similar motion has been brought forward in the Republic.

Speaking outside his office, Senator Shu described a desire to encourage the Gallente firm to increase focus on its business dealings in the Federation and associated territories. "Support for our largest domestic firm during times of economic instability will benefit all Federation citizens," he said. The new legislation, which will be introduced early next week, also includes similar concessions for a number of other Gallente corporations.

Quafe officials could not be reached for comment.