Imperial Fleets On High Alert Following Evidence Of Sansha Capital Fleet in Jove Space

New Eden News | YC112-06-26

Amarr - In reaction to the data acquired by capsuleer Mouse Nell, indicating a major Sansha military presence within the borders of the Jove Empire, the Amarr Empire has set all its military forces to a state of high alert. This marks the first time the entirety of the Empire's main capital force - The Imperial Domain Fleet - has been mobilized since the invasion in YC110.

In addition to the activation of the Imperial fleets, Amarr Certified News reports that the regional forces of the Royal Houses have mobilized similarly, and that representatives of the fleets of the various Houses have been in meetings with the Ministry of War. In response to the news, Court Chamberlain Pomik Haromi spoke on behalf of the Empress in announcing a special delegation to be sent to the CONCORD Assembly. The delegation, headed by Minister of War Perimum Amyn, was said by the Chamberlain to "speak for the interests of Amarr and the people of the Empire, and will stand with unwavering faith in matters of war."