Mass Suicide on Mining Colony

New Eden News | YC112-09-07

GERERIQUE - An Astral Mining ore hauler made a grisly discovery yesterday when docking for its regularly scheduled pickup. After the vessel had proved unable to reach anyone on the colony for over an hour, some of the crew were sent to investigate. They found every man, woman, and child on the colony dead, seemingly by their own hand. According to Lenz Kaaloaka, a Sisters of Eve Agent who was one of the first on the scene: "We're not sure exactly how it was done, but it does appear as though they did it themselves."

Kaaloaka cited notes found on the scene, as well as mails discovered to have been sent shortly before the hauler arrived. "They took the time to say goodbye to loved ones and generally described a state of despair, but didn't give specific reasons. We don't know what to make of it yet."