CONCORD Releases Missive on Imminent "112 Land Rush"

New Eden News | YC112-06-04

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June 4th, YC 112 00:00

Secure Commerce Commission

For immediate release to all registered capsuleers:

In accordance with the Planetary Development Treaty, which will come into effect on June 8, YC 112, capsuleers will be permitted full access to surface resources, allowing them to purchase and operate facilities on most planets in New Eden and in wormhole space.

The SCC has reviewed all possible scenarios that accompany the rapid expansion of capsuleer influence in the cluster and has decided unanimously that it will not be placing any artificial limit or restrictions on the acquisition of planets. In light of this, CONCORD is issuing the following recommendations to all capsuleer alliances, corporations, and individuals interested in managing planetary assets:

  • Seek planets outside of known high-traffic systems
  • While CONCORD will maintain its efforts to keep peace in high-security systems, it cannot guarantee complete safety
  • Early preparation is highly recommended - ensure that your skills, equipment, and research are updated

The SCC is confident that this treaty will usher in a new era of unity between capsuleers and planetary populations, forging a stronger economy in every corner of New Eden.

Eman Autrech
Chief Executive Officer
Secure Commerce Commission

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