Paramilitary Organization Pledges To Protect Starkmanir Sages

New Eden News | YC112-10-01

Frarn - A group calling themselves the Starkman Milisi announced earlier today that they intend to provide free security for those Starkmanir sages who request it. This comes in response to the recent killing of Sage Uldas Dreeter in Abudban at the hands of Minmatar opposing the Amarr faith.

"We may be the child brother of the Tribes, and people in our tribe may have beliefs that some find strange, but that does not mean we have to turn the other cheek. We have little in the way of culture, but we do have a way of life worth protecting, a way of life worth dying for," said Milisi spokesman Jeoran Setul in the announcement. "Some of our tribe have decided to keep their beliefs despite living in an environment hostile to those beliefs, and we admire them for it and stand by their side, because they are our brothers. We are the Minmatar, we are the Tribe, and we are the Republic. Those who attack us are enemies of everything we are."

Soger Neyd, representing the security forces of the Servant Sisters of EVE's refugee camps in the region, spoke in support of the Milisi. "Though I fear this can lead to further escalation if left unchecked, I absolutely applaud this effort to protect the freedoms of a relatively small religious group."

The Milisi has received statements of support from other Tribes in the Republic, especially the Brutor Tribe which has pledged to actively support the Milisi efforts with hardware and training. The Starkman Milisi consists mainly of ethnic Starkmanir who served in the Tribe's various regional militias and police forces during their life in the Ammatar Mandate, and claims modern military training over the past two years.