Ardishapur refutes claims he has overstepped bounds of power

New Eden News | YC112-05-10

The popularity of Lord Ardishapur's speaking engagements have continued to rise, with events now selling out stadium-sized venues and being broadcast to millions system-wide. The engagements have not been without some controversy, however, as some claim the Heir has overstepped the traditional bounds of his power.

The claims began after an incident in Dantan, where two long-feuding Holders approached the Royal Heir for advice to resolve their dispute. According to one of the Holders, they "have been unable to find satisfaction in other public courts." Lord Ardishapur agreed to hear them and listened as each man listed his grievances with his neighbor.

Once they had finished, the Heir prefaced his opinions by the reminder that, "Any words I say here are merely a suggestion, as it is beyond my power to bind your actions. Only Lord Kador, your liege-lord, holds that authority." The Royal Heir then laid out his understanding of their grievance and offered several suggestions, including a complicated, large-scale swap of territory that the Heir claimed "would resolve many of your issues."

Several high ranking Amarr officials have claimed that such an act undermines the authority of Lord Kador and the Theology Council, before whom the two Holders have argued many times. The Holders dispute this contention, one claiming, "Had I thought poorly of Lord Ardishapur, I could simply ignore his suggestions."

Lord Ardishapur himself says there was no harm intended with his actions. "These are his subjects alone and I have no hold over them. I would never attempt to usurp the rightful power of the Heirs."

For his part, Lord Kador appears to be pleased that the dispute has been resolved, claiming, "If only Lord Ardishapur had been here before, hundreds of hours may have not been wasted on those two."