Umokka Raided By Sansha's Nation, Abductions Escalate

New Eden News | YC112-05-16

Umokka, Lonetrek - In the evening of 112.05.13, a Sansha's Nation raiding fleet attacked Umokka II and VIII simultaneously. During the raid, which lasted no more than thirty minutes, an estimated 50,000 citizens were abducted from planet VIII, while the Sansha claimed that Ummoka II was "completely harvested," and some 100,000 people have been reported missing.

Sansha Vessel Orbiting Umokka VIIIAccording to Yoshitaka Moromuo, who was leading Ishuk-Raata Enforcement Division's response fleet, the Nation vessels entered Umokka through a wormhole that opened in close proximity to Umokka VIII. After few minutes hostile battleships were also reported orbiting Umokka II.

Capsuleer defence forces made it to the scene fairly swiftly and were called to the defence of planet VIII by Sutola Endoma of CONCORD, while Koja Tsutariba of the Caldari Navy worked with forces defending planet II.

After defenders moved to reinforce Umokka VIII, an unknown vessel ambushed Koja Tsutariba and outgoing transmissions from his vessel were jammed. The remnants of the so-called "Harvest Fleet" were reinforced by further Nation battleships and an Archon-class carrier. Yoshitaka Moromuo said "How they managed to enter high-security space with it is beyond me."

While numerous pilots present at the fray confirmed that they had both seen and fired upon Sansha vessels, CONCORD official Sutoma Endoma (speaking in apparent defiance of a CONCORD media blackout) dismissed the event as just a capsuleer engagement and declined to confirm any reports of abductions from Umokka. "Reports of landing parties and the abduction of citizens cannot be confirmed at this time."

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