Capsuleer Probe Scouts Other Side of Nation Wormhole; Returns Images of Jovian Space.

New Eden News | YC112-06-26

3-CE1R - The recent Sansha's Nation attacks took a dramatic turn yesterday after a probe launched by capsuleer Mouse Nell recovered the first images from the other side of the wormhole used by Nation vessels.

Imagery relayed by the probe revealed a massed Nation fleet idling outside a station of Jovian design. DED Signals Intelligence has confirmed the feed as authentic and CONCORD Special Operative Haeldone Dorgiers has also confirmed the station as the Prosper Vault in 3-CE1R, the same system where capsuleer pilots had previously located members of True Power and True Creations.

The presence of Sansha's Nation vessels within Jovian Directorate space has brought renewed urgency to debates about how best to deal with the Sansha threat, and many experts suspect it will only be a matter of time before representatives of the empires begin to demand answers not only from CONCORD, but from the Jovian Directorate as well, who have so far made no official comment.