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The latest news from around the cluster as told by the special reporters of the news organizations of New Eden.

Idama calls summit to help Placid region.

  • YC108-06-23

    INTAKI V - A little over a month since resigning his position at the University of Caille, controversial Intaki spiritual leader Vremaja Idama called for an open summit to discuss the problems afflicting the Intaki populace of the Placid region. Although attendees were deeply divided about the political future of the region, there was a consensus that economic growth should be the first step toward the revitalization of Placid. The region’s vast and untapped mineral wealth was a large topic of [...]

    Caldari Gaming Commission announces tournament format change and prizes.

    • YC108-06-22

      During a press conference yesterday afternoon, the CGC announced the prizes for the winner and runner ups of the second alliance tournament. The head of the commission, Airas Sukela, also stated a change in the tournament’s format. The new format is known as a bracket or pool format where contestants are divided into eight four-team groups. The first matches are held between alliances of the same group and only the top two in each group will proceed to the next round to compete against alliances from [...]

      Interstellar Starbase Syndicate celebrates its first birthday

      • YC108-06-21

        CATCH – The Interstellar Starbase Syndicate has recently celebrated its first birthday and as part of the celebrations the ISS has returned to neutral standings with all its former enemies. The Interstellar Correspondents spoke with ISS Chairman Count TaSessine about the past 12 months and the future of his alliance. Last June ISS began as one of the first neutral entities in this universe. Its stated goal was to provide “general access to 0.0 for as many people as possible.” From there, as the number [...]

        Lai Dai outbids Ishukone in NMA partnership; ORE deal?

        • YC108-06-19

          DERELIK/LONETREK. The Nefantar Miner Association closed an exclusive multi-billion Isk deal with the Lai Dai Corporation, who outbid Caldari rival Ishukone in the last round of negotiations. "This deal signals yet another step forward for our company," said Adarlur Annuger, CEO of the NMA, "and shows the benefits of inter-empire trade and investment for all parts involved." With megacyte and zydrine demand up by 5.77% in the State during last quarter, "securing cost and supply will allow Lai Dai reach [...]

          Blaque Approval Ratings Rise Amid Harsh Caldari Criticism

          • YC108-06-19

            Press representatives from the Caldari State’s Chief Executive Panel yesterday released a statement on incendiary speeches held in the past month by Gallente presidential hopeful Mentas Blaque, in particular the candidate's May 16 speech at the Gallente Prime city of Hueromont. The Panel leveled harsh criticism at the senator’s speech, calling it, among other things, “a disingenuous display of nationalism.” Senator Blaque was quick to respond, stating in a unicast holofeed interview that “in a [...]

            Alliance Tournament Sign-ups to Commence

            • YC108-06-14

              The official registration period for capsuleer alliances wishing to participate in the upcoming Alliance Tournament will begin today, a spokesperson for the Caldari Gaming Commission has announced. The contest is the second of its kind to be held by the CGC and the first matches are scheduled to commence on the 14th of July. As with the previous tournament the Executor Corporation CEO of those alliances wishing to participate will be required to register on behalf of their alliance at the tournament [...]

              Increased Sansha activity.

              • YC108-06-14

                STAIN. Pilots of several freelance pod-pilot organizations in the region have reported a slow yet steady increase of the vessel commonly identified as 'probe', in addition to the many kinds of the usually aggressive Sansha Slave vessels normally encountered in the southern regions. According to pilots of a large southern pod-pilot Alliance that wished to remain anonymous, several of these 'probe' vessels were sighted surveying the traffic travelling through former Sansha domains, usually showing a [...]

                Angel Cartel opens ties with capsuleer alliances

                • YC108-06-08

                  The long silent and reclusive criminal superpower Angel Cartel has made a major about face in policy this week. Xavier Khun, lead diplomat for the Angels, hosted a reception in the HLW-HP system in Curse, attended by a multitude of diplomats representing capsuleer organizations that operate in the area. "It is our goal to seek a stable are of space which promotes commerce and ensures the safety and security of our borders." said Khun to the assembly, "Those of you who have chosen to reside in our [...]

                  Republic Mothership stolen or missing

                  • YC108-06-07

                    HEIMATAR. The Republic Fleet's ´Alfhild´ Mothership-class vessel is suspected stolen or missing, according to CONCORD´s Bureau of Traffic Control. Although not yet confirmed nor denied by Republic Fleet officials, CONCORD´s BoTC issued a warning today after the ´Alfhild´ performed an unscheduled jump from its official docking premises at the Republic Fleet Testing Facilities Station in the Pator system. According to CONCORD officials, "an initial low-level warning was issued as per the Capital Ships [...]

                    Privy Council orders investigation into Tetrimon temple

                    • YC108-06-06

                      The Privy Council has ordered the Royal Amarr Institute and Hedion University to conduct an investigation into the legitimacy of "historical facts" surrounding the temple of 'God’s Assuring Whisper'. The temple is said to be an Amarrian religious centre which was destroyed during the Moral Reforms. The edict follows last week’s successful recovery of religious artifacts by the Order of St. Tetrimon; believed to have originated from within the ancient temple site. The existence of the relics was [...]

                      Stolen relics retrieved by Tetrimon cult

                      • YC108-05-29

                        A large scale battle between Followers of the Order of St. Tetrimon and Blood Raider pirates has occurred this weekend in the Genesis region to retrieve religious items. Escorted by members of the Aegis Militia and Verisum Family, the Tetrimon followers – who were identified as Grand Master Horm and Helmut Orren – clashed with the Blood Raiders in the Access solar system; allegedly in a bid to secure religious artifacts which the Blood Raiders had plundered from an ancient Amarrian temple site in the [...]

                        Alliance Tournament Announced

                        • YC108-05-29

                          Yesterday morning, the Caldari Gaming Commission announced that they are organizing a second alliance tournament. Scheduled to start on the 15th of July, the tournament will be held over two consecutive weekends. The first of the Alliance Tournaments, held late last December, was a smashing success for the Caldari Gaming Commission, now considered leaders in the field. Commission head Airas Sukela, speaking on this next round, has been quoted as saying “the rules of combat haven’t changed much from [...]

                          Decorated Captain denied task force for Molden Heath

                          • YC108-05-19

                            Last week, the Republic Fleet denied a request by one of its captains to lead a task force in what has been described as the 'pacification of criminal elements' in the Molden Heath region after the loss of his patrol. Karishal Muritor – Captain 1st Class, who was presented with the prestigious Drupar’s Sun award earlier last month for ‘consistent and meritorious service to the Republic’ – had allegedly deviated from his assigned patrol route and was attacked in the Oddelulf system by several capsuleer [...]

                            Intaki Spiritual Leader To Resign Caille Position

                            • YC108-05-17

                              SINQ LAISON. Intaki spiritual leader Vremaja Idama has resigned from his lecturing position at the University of Caille in the schools of History, Philosophy and Politics. The resignation, coming just a few weeks after his hiring last March, was reportedly closely related to Mr. Vremaja's displeasure with the Federation government's lack of support for Intaki culture and citizens. In his own words, "as an Idama [Intaki for "Most Holy"], I made a vow to be an example to my people. I can no longer in [...]

                              Presidential Candidate Remembers Hueromont Dead

                              • YC108-05-16

                                Senator Mentas Blaque, one of two remaining candidates for the presidency of the Gallente Federation, yesterday paid a visit to the city of Hueromont on Gallente Prime. The visit was undertaken in order to commemorate the roughly fourteen thousand Gallente who died when Caldari Admiral Yakia Tovil-Toba flew his carrier into the planet’s atmosphere 188 years ago, during the Gallente-Caldari war. The senator held a speech at the site of the calamity, after which he was toured by the city’s mayor, Emile [...]

                                Gavit Torash to become Holder

                                • YC108-05-07

                                  In a press conference held on his future estate, Gavit Torash announced that he will officially become Holder of House Torash through a ceremony that is rarely performed in modern Amarr society. He next announced sweeping changes in House Torash’s interstellar policies. Afterwards, he thanked Amarrian paramilitaries for their aid lend to the troubled House after the death of his father. Although reluctant to release details on how the house will be changing, Gavit claimed that once he has been made [...]

                                  Billionaire Dies, Leaves Unusual Request in Will

                                  • YC108-05-06

                                    The famed Gallente businessman, entrepeneur and playboy Ruevo Aram has just passed at the age of 173. Admired by the intellectual society for his skill at solving seemingly unsolvable riddles. Known for his wild behavior and rumoured to have ties deep within the Gallente government, he will be missed by many. In his will, he left this message: _"At the time of my death, one person will have a chance to make history. In the event of my death, ninety-eight percent of my wealth is to be transferred to [...]

                                    CONCORD denounces NORAD and D2; Placid overrun with boosters.

                                    • YC108-05-01

                                      Saturday saw a massive struggle in the Outer Ring and Syndicate regions of space, as first the Band of Brothers struck several blows against starbases in Outer Ring, then as the D2 and NORAD alliances escorted a shipment of Serpentis boosters into the Orvolle system. Intercepted by a CONCORD Rapid Response Team (RRT) and several brave pilots from Orvolle, the two alliances decimated five CONCORD Special Ops battleships and three CONCORD Special Ops cruisers, as well as destroying their pod pilot [...]

                                      Foiritan, Blaque Comment on Autrech’s Withdrawal

                                      • YC108-04-27

                                        President Souro Foiritan’s office and the campaign office of Senator Mentas Blaque today sent out press releases detailing the two candidates’ stances on Eman Autrech’s surprise withdrawal of his presidential bid yesterday morning. The President’s Office’s statement reads: “It comes as a blow to this democracy and a personal shock to the President that a good man such as Autrech should decide to step down. His reasons for doing so are doubtless solid and just. The Foiritan Administration wishes the [...]

                                        Presidential Candidate Announces Surprise Withdrawal of Candidacy

                                        • YC108-04-26

                                          Gallente Presidential candidate Eman Autrech at a press conference this morning announced that he is withdrawing his candidacy for the Gallente Presidential seat. The announcement follows several months of census taking and legal maneuvering within the Federation, circumstances which have seen the indeterminate delay of election proceedings. In his statement, the former presidential hopeful claimed that "due to the apparent flaws present in our mode of government, my faith that the system works as [...]

                                          Soullier bid for Strata fails

                                          • YC108-04-14

                                            Earlier this week the board of Strata Corp, a small Caldari corporation, announced the rejection of a takeover bid from rival Gallente corporation Soullier Laboratories, followed immediately by the announcement of a successful buyout by an undisclosed third party. The events unfolded in the New Caldari system, where Soullier Laboratories had called a press conference in order to announce the successful takeover of their smaller rival. The mood changed dramatically however, when the victory speech by [...]

                                            Notable Captain Awarded Drupar's Sun

                                            • YC108-04-10

                                              Captain 1st Class Karishal Muritor of the Republic Fleet was today awarded Drupar’s Sun, one of the most prestigious medals given by the Republic, at a Fleet award ceremony held on Matar. In addition, Captain Muritor was awarded a promotion, from Captain to Captain 1st Class, for his consistent and meritorious service to the Republic. “I accept the honour bestowed upon me by Admiral Fogneko with gratitude," stated Captain Muritor. "I consider this to be a symbol of the growing fortitude of the men [...]

                                              Amarrian Loyalist Fleet Destroys 'Terrorist Training Camp'

                                              • YC108-04-03

                                                Amarrian loyalist forces dealt a blow to the Ushra'Khan alliance last Sunday evening by destroying a Starbase that they believed was a terrorist training camp. The Starbase was located deep in space that is claimed by the Minmatar alliance. Representatives of the 70-man fleet claimed this action as a direct response to the destruction of an amarrian Holder, Jamir Torash, by the Ushra'Khan Alliance, an event that took place last week. The U'K itself later condemend the action as "a petty revenge attack [...]

                                                Serpentis Fleet Continues to Influence Outer Ring Politics

                                                • YC108-04-02

                                                  Disturbing rumors have been coming from the Heart constellation of the Outer Ring region, as the Serpentis continue their consolidation of the Outer Ring Excavations Corporation. Sources inside the organization have commented on increased traffic in material and goods, most flowing to the ORE stations in 4C-B7X. In addition, Serpentis pilots have taken to patrolling routes from 4C-B7X to PF-346, setting Federation officials on alert. PF-346, connected to the Orvolle system via a jumpgate, has seen [...]

                                                  Intaki spiritual leader announces marriage

                                                  • YC108-03-27

                                                    In a shock move, Intaki-reborn philosopher Vremaja Idama announced his marriage to Vika Kuvakei, a Caldari Deteis and daughter of a renowned Caldari patriot. The news came as Vremaja, something of a spiritual and philosophical leader in Intaki culture, concluded his 5 year-long pilgrimage visiting Intaki colonies around the New Eden cluster. The Intaki, with his new wife at his side, has taken up a post at Caille University, lecturing in the schools of History, Philosophy and Politics. This marriage [...]

                                                    Terrorist strike in Amarr, Holder dead

                                                    • YC108-03-24

                                                      TASH MURKON. Amarrian Holder Jamir Torash was reported dead after paramilitary elements attacked and destroyed his convoy last night. Honourable Lord Torash, head of House Torash from Chaven, was intercepted and killed by Ushra'Khan pilots. The Minmatar paramilitary group later acknowledged responsibility for the attack. Lord Torash's convoy, travelling from Chaven to Geth and consisting of two haulers, a transport ship and armed escorts, was intercepted in the Hibi system. According to a CONCORD [...]

                                                      Vitoc antidote scarce - addicts turned away

                                                      • YC108-03-21

                                                        Minmatar cities based on the continent of Ebrembrur on Edmalbrurdus VI are reporting a shortage of Vitoc antidote. Believed to be due to a recent mutation of the viral toxin, this development leaves Gallentean and Minmatar scientists fighting as they yet again struggle to unravel this particular strain’s attributes. Authorities report that although there is no cause for alarm yet, Vitoc antidote distribution centres need to be frugal with their reserves. Federation Senators have visited several of [...]

                                                        SoulLab to buy Strata Corps

                                                        • YC108-03-21

                                                          NEW CALDARI. The Executive Board of Strata Corp is reviewing a take-over offer from its Gallente rival Soullier Laboratories. The offer for 57% of SC's shares, at 45.37 per share, was formally presented last Thursday to the surprise of every market analyst in The Forge, after Strata Corp's success to regain market share previously lost to SoulLab. SC's acquisition was launched "as part of our expansion strategy in the Caldari transmitter market, and was being planned for quite some time", explained Mr [...]

                                                          Exodus causes crippling labour shortages

                                                          • YC108-03-20

                                                            Further repercussions from an increasingly large Matari exodus to the Gallente Federation surfaced this week as a number of Matari industrial complexes, situated near the Republic-Federation border, ground to a halt due to severe labour shortages. With all eyes on the Gallente Federation as it continues to grapple with the sudden influx of Matari immigrants, little heed has been paid to the increasing problems caused within the Minmatar Republic by the wholesale loss of citizens. In both the Eugidi [...]

                                                            Archaeological expedition to Crux planned

                                                            • YC108-03-12

                                                              SINQ LAISON. Dr. Tiris Nalom, former Vice Director of University of Caille's department of Archaeology, will conduct private funded explorations in the Crux constellation, in the borders of Federation space, where ancient ruins of unknown origin are said to have been discovered. Widely renowned as one of the leading experts in the pre-Rouveour period of Gallente history, and the pre-Raata period of Caldari history, in the last years Dr. Nalom has steered the focus of his research towards what he [...]

                                                              Notorious Gurista Sighted In Venal

                                                              • YC108-03-06

                                                                VENAL. Lucash Helmatt has emerged from hiding according to reports from local residents. Helmatt, who gained notoriety after downing a CONCORD battleship in November, destroyed two vessels piloted by members of the Phoenix Alliance in the 6NJ8-V system on Sunday. Commenting on this encounter, Phoenix Alliance's Second-In-Command, Reaso Ning, said that the Guristas had entered the system and announced that they "would not engage those who didn't engage them. Some of our members took this as a challenge [...]

                                                                Federation Seeks Solutions to Immigrant Influx

                                                                • YC108-03-06

                                                                  Agencies within the Gallente Federation have in recent weeks been engaged in staving off potential problems posed by the steadily escalating influx of Matari immigrants to regions bordering the two nations. According to a report released by the Federal Immigration Advisory Board to the Gallente Senate yesterday, the inhabitant figures of population centers in the Gallente Border Zone and Nexus constellations have swelled considerably in the past two months, even more so if the presumed number of [...]

                                                                  Serpentis Forces Continue Annexation of Outer Ring

                                                                  • YC108-02-24

                                                                    As recently reported on GalNet, the Serpentis Corporation has announced plans to take a controlling interest in the Outer Ring Excavations corporation, a move that has surprised the business world and put even the common citizens of the Federation on edge. “I live in a quiet city on a quiet planet,” said one woman, “but even here you can see those boosters on the street corners. It's filthy and wrong, and the idea of those people getting its hands on even more poor people is just wrong. The police [...]

                                                                    Sharhelund disaster caused by freak accident

                                                                    • YC108-02-21

                                                                      The investigation into the crash on Sharhelund III has made its conclusions public earlier today. The release of the deadly plague virus on Sharhelund III was caused by a crash between a battleship carrying the virus and a shuttle in orbit of the planet. Obbet Rember from the Republic Justice Department states that the Restless Spirit was a rebuild battleship and that this played a large part in the “freak” accident. The accident was caused by an orbital shuttle which, due to navigational error [...]

                                                                      Reschard V Relief Convoy Destroyed

                                                                      • YC108-02-16

                                                                        Late Wednesday evening a relief convoy comprised of heavy cargo vessels of The Servant Sisters of EVE, en route to the Reschard disaster, was destroyed by a powersurge after surviving an attack by IRON. Earlier that evening another freighter had technical diffeculties which prevented it from joining the transport according to the Sisters. The accident has claimed the lives of thousand of staff, the life of one Sister pilot and leaves another sister unconscious. The Freighter convoy which departed from [...]

                                                                        DED Urges Pod Pilot Help Decyphering Message

                                                                        • YC108-02-14

                                                                          Following the recent increase in the activities of the Serpentis Corporation, the DED has been keeping records of comm transmissions originating from the Phoenix constellation, marking high priority messages and attempting to decrypt them for valuable intelligence. So far, the DED has had marginal success, receiving several routine shipment orders and a few personal communications to loved ones. Today, the DED released the following transmission originating from the headquarters of the Serpentis [...]

                                                                          Planet-wide explosion strikes Reschard V

                                                                          • YC108-02-09

                                                                            PLACID. A planet-wide explosion devastated the surface of Reschard V earlier this morning. The source of the explosion is for the moment unknown. A preliminary CONCORD report mentions system-wide scanners picking up the signature of a Capital-class sized vessel in low orbit over Reschard V in the minutes prior to the explosion; electromagnetic radiation saturated all readings afterwards. A second on-site report from the Servant Sisters of EVE a few hours later includes a preliminary estimate of 88.7% [...]

                                                                            Quality-focused campaign proves successful, SC says

                                                                            • YC108-02-08

                                                                              THE FORGE. The first steps of a new marketing strategy targeting the quality-conscious pod-pilots were a success, Strata Corp CEO said. As part of a renewed strategy to counter the raising pressure from Gallente imports, Caldari high-tech producers are increasing exposure of their products among the pod-pilot community, according to Strata Corp CEO David Simmons. The New Caldari-based transmitter producer "has engaged in an aggressive marketing campaign to raise consumer awareness of the higher [...]

                                                                              Virus escape after research accident

                                                                              • YC108-02-06

                                                                                Chaos erupted on the planet of Sharhelund III, the only inhabited planet in the Sharhelund system, when a research vessel fell out of orbit and burned up in the atmosphere. The ship, the Restless Spirit, is believed to have struck another ship in a low orbit accident, leaving all of its gyroscopic and engine systems wrecked. Without those systems it appears to have fallen out of orbit and fragmented on re-entry. More disturbing, however, is that the Restless Spirit was conducting research on several [...]

                                                                                Gallente pressure on Caldari high-tech market

                                                                                • YC108-02-05

                                                                                  THE FORGE. Caldari suppliers' scarcity and fierce Gallente competition is slowly strangling Strata Corp, CEO David Simmons says. In what caused a bit more than a mild shock to the Caldari high-tech sector's pride, the CEO of the The Forge-based transmitter manufacturer Strata Corp admitted that his corporation is finding it increasingly harder to find willing suppliers at the correct price. Coupled with fierce competition from Gallente importers and a stagnant market for their product "we are having a [...]

                                                                                  High Volume Missile Acquisitions Raise Little Question

                                                                                  • YC108-01-28

                                                                                    Market and customs agents have noted a recent upswing in the purchase and movement of missiles within Caldari regions. It has been reported by some pilots that large quantities of missiles are being delivered to specific individuals for well above their market price. Over the past few days offers of millions of isk for delivery of large quantities of missiles, ranging from light to cruise, have been publicly solicited across open Caldari channels. Eager and enterprising pilots have stepped up to the [...]

                                                                                    Matari-Gallente Exodus May Be Underway, New Study Says

                                                                                    • YC108-01-23

                                                                                      Researchers at the University of Caille today published a study warning that a mass population exodus from Republic territories may be imminent. According to numbers published in the Federation's Year 107 Census Index, the influx of Matari immigrants into Federation-controlled regions, a figure with little historic variation, has within the past six months swelled to near sevenfold inflation figures from earlier periods. The report cites increasing unemployment numbers, an ailing economy, and the [...]

                                                                                      Showdown in Serpentis Prime

                                                                                      • YC108-01-21

                                                                                        A duel between the Serpentis Corporation and Ryan Routine was fought in the Serpentis Prime system earlier this week. The contest, won by the Serpentis, quietened any speculation that the corporation did not still have its sharp edges. The duel between Admiral Rembran of the Serpentis Corporation and Ryan Routine of Cataclysm Enterprises within the G Alliance had been initiated by a request from Mr. Routine to battle Salvador Sarpati. Sarpati, CEO of the Serpentis Corporation, currently holds the ill- [...]

                                                                                        Sansha's Nation forces move on Angel Cartel Territory

                                                                                        • YC108-01-20

                                                                                          A few days ago Ascendant Frontier (ASCN) forces, on behalf of the Angel Cartel, destroyed a Sansha's Nation exploratory force in TR07-S. Sansha's Nation forces, commanded by Frazier Eachann, attempted to establish a foothold in the area using a Mobile Starbase structure as a forward base. Their forces consisted of 3 Revelation-class Dreadnoughts and 24 Nightmare-class Battleships. These ships moved into TR07-S and proceeded to deploy an Starbase near a moon in the system. They were met on the [...]

                                                                                          BWCT device construction nearing completion

                                                                                          • YC108-01-19

                                                                                            Claiming to have finally acquired all the needed parts for his mind control project, Dr. Albert Vance was seen yesterday in the Saila system. Despite intense verbal opposition from members of the Caldari Navy Independent Reserve intending to detain and escort him to CAIN's HQ in Isaziwa, Dr. Vance was able to purchase yet another batch of electronic parts from local pod-pilots, claiming those were enough to finish the "second fully functioning prototype of my 'Brain Wave Control Technology'". He [...]

                                                                                            St. Tetrimon Edict lifted – Order allowed to return to Amarr Empire

                                                                                            • YC108-01-18

                                                                                              Yesterday, Tuzilo Zhada, Head of Archiving for the Theology Council, delivered a report to the Privy Council, regarding the so-called "Tetrimon Scriptures." The report states that several books in the Tetrimon Scriptures are authentic, although the publication did not mention which chapters these were. The Scriptures were given to the Theology Council little over a year ago by the Order of St. Tetrimon, who claim the current Scriptures, that dictate so much of the Empire’s social structures, were [...]

                                                                                              Albert Vance Resurfaces

                                                                                              • YC108-01-13

                                                                                                Last night, after over a month in hiding, renegade scientists Albert Vance and Vic Stats resurfaced in Caldari space to gather supplies and equipment necessary to the reconstruction and further development of their failed mind control device. The fugitive pair appeared in the Isaziwa system of the Imurukka constellation, The Citadel region, where they were spotted in open communications channels by local pod pilots. Vance began broadcasting over the systems local channel, claiming that he knew why the [...]

                                                                                                Rumours circulate over Caldari trade hub commodities buy up

                                                                                                • YC108-01-03

                                                                                                  Well known traders have responded sceptical regarding the rumours of a possible large scale buy up of goods in the Caldari territories by the Galactic Trading and Logistics Corporation. The rumours, which centre on the notoriously busy trade systems of Jita and Nonni have sparked considerable interest and conjecture from local vendors as to the source of the rumours as well as the contents and purpose of such an unusually large buy up. A trader responded that it is impossible to predict sales on [...]