Showdown in Serpentis Prime

New Eden News | YC108-01-21

A duel between the Serpentis Corporation and Ryan Routine was fought in the Serpentis Prime system earlier this week. The contest, won by the Serpentis, quietened any speculation that the corporation did not still have its sharp edges.

The duel between Admiral Rembran of the Serpentis Corporation and Ryan Routine of Cataclysm Enterprises within the G Alliance had been initiated by a request from Mr. Routine to battle Salvador Sarpati. Sarpati, CEO of the Serpentis Corporation, currently holds the ill-favored and sometime-coveted spot of the most wanted man in the known universe, with a bounty of 1.184 billion isk.

The battle lasted approximately eight minutes before the Machariel piloted by Mr. Routine exploded under the attack of Admiral Rembran’s Vindicator. Loosely organized betting pools gathered over 300 participants, with less than fifty-percent expecting the Serpentis to win.

Mr. Routine said that he had originally planned to fight CEO Sarpati, but due to internal Serpentis politics the duel had been arranged with Admiral Rembran instead. Mr. Routine also commented that “This was the most exciting duel I’ve ever had.”

An earlier incident involving the loss of a Moros had set the Admiral at odds with his CEO. Even in victory, doubts remained: “No. I don't know if I'll ever look alright in Sarpati's eyes. At least I know I'm keeping my position. But one of these days, I'm going to get my revenge on those meatbags who destroyed my ship.”