Stolen relics retrieved by Tetrimon cult

New Eden News | YC108-05-29

A large scale battle between Followers of the Order of St. Tetrimon and Blood Raider pirates has occurred this weekend in the Genesis region to retrieve religious items.

Escorted by members of the Aegis Militia and Verisum Family, the Tetrimon followers – who were identified as Grand Master Horm and Helmut Orren – clashed with the Blood Raiders in the Access solar system; allegedly in a bid to secure religious artifacts which the Blood Raiders had plundered from an ancient Amarrian temple site in the region.

The battle raged for over two hours and saw several heavily armed Blood Raiders battleships face off against the fifty vessel pro-Tetrimon fleet, which included an Archon class carrier piloted by Mirial of the Aegis Militia. Grand Master Horm was reported to have petitioned the Blood Raider ‘relic bearer’ Heear Ko'lm to release the artifacts into his care during the lengthy battle and was refused several times.

Ko'lm was eventually forced to jettison half of the artifacts after the destruction of his escort, but refused to release the rest. For his ‘insolence’ the Blood Raider was slain and Grand Master Horm ordered his corpse to be retrieved and displayed as a heretic in the Tetrimon ‘Hall of the Damned’ as proof that the Order of St. Tetrimon would “never allow followers of Sani Sabik to thrive.” Though the Aegis Militia and Verisum Family incurred heavy losses during the battle, all of the artifacts were reported to have been recovered undamaged and safely returned to the religious order.

Over the last few months the Order of St. Tetrimon has repeatedly been sighted in the Genesis region, apparently searching for the temple of 'God’s Assuring Whisper' which was thought to have housed the relics they sought. Only when a coded Blood Raider transmission was intercepted by the Order, it became clear that the Blood Raiders had found the temple first and taken the relics. At this time it is not known what significance the artifacts hold for the Blood Raider covenant.