Rumours circulate over Caldari trade hub commodities buy up

New Eden News | YC108-01-03

Well known traders have responded sceptical regarding the rumours of a possible large scale buy up of goods in the Caldari territories by the Galactic Trading and Logistics Corporation.

The rumours, which centre on the notoriously busy trade systems of Jita and Nonni have sparked considerable interest and conjecture from local vendors as to the source of the rumours as well as the contents and purpose of such an unusually large buy up. A trader responded that it is impossible to predict sales on hearsay and rumours and said he would not let it influence his normal business routine.

Jashira Ne´rgha – CEO of GTAL previously astonished merchants in The Forge and Lonetrek with similar trade requests for large quantities of contraband items and minerals in early December last year.

Ne´rgha was unavailable to comment on the validity of the rumours.