Caldari Gaming Commission announces tournament format change and prizes.

New Eden News | YC108-06-22

During a press conference yesterday afternoon, the CGC announced the prizes for the winner and runner ups of the second alliance tournament. The head of the commission, Airas Sukela, also stated a change in the tournament’s format. The new format is known as a bracket or pool format where contestants are divided into eight four-team groups. The first matches are held between alliances of the same group and only the top two in each group will proceed to the next round to compete against alliances from other groups.

The prizes that will be awarded at the end of the tournament are:

    * First place - 1 x Wyvern Mothership, 5 x Chimera Carrier, 5 x Caldari Raven Navy Issue 
    * Second place - 5 x Chimera Carrier, 5 Caldari Raven Navy Issue 
    * third and fourth place – 2 x Chimera Carrier 

Mr. Sukela explained the decision for changing the structure of the tournament after the press conference, ‘ We only had 28 confirmed alliances willing to participate, and wanting to provide the general public with two weekends of entertainment, we decided to change the format to extend the tournament period.’ People have come to expect the very best of us. I can’t say why so few alliances decided to participate, but we are more than happy to accommodate the alliances that have signed up. We still expect this tournament to be thrilling to watch, bet on and participate in.’

For the last weeks many pilots have discussed the tournament through various mediums. Seeing a team bragging about their expensive equipment might have discouraged smaller contenders from competing. This view is shared by Tyrrax Thorrk, the owner of several rare ships, including the Imperial Issue Armageddon and Apocalypse. ‘It seems to me like people who weren't willing to spend the ISK for full pirate implant sets simply decided they had lost before signing up.’

Professor Kiyudas Tsalmaki, Lecturer in Emergent Warfare Analysis at the State War Academy, has remarked that given the prizes of the first tournament he expected that more alliances wished to participate. Mr Tsalmaki: ‘This can mean two things, either the alliances are so rich they do not think it’s worth their time to participate, or they can’t afford to lose any ships and don’t participate at all. Looking at the list of confirmed alliances, there are some large names missing, and we can only guess why they decided not to enter the tournament. Another possible explanation would be their preoccupation with other activities, but mostly I think it’s a matter of them fearing to lose.'