Amarrian Loyalist Fleet Destroys 'Terrorist Training Camp'

New Eden News | YC108-04-03

Amarrian loyalist forces dealt a blow to the Ushra'Khan alliance last Sunday evening by destroying a Starbase that they believed was a terrorist training camp. The Starbase was located deep in space that is claimed by the Minmatar alliance. Representatives of the 70-man fleet claimed this action as a direct response to the destruction of an amarrian Holder, Jamir Torash, by the Ushra'Khan Alliance, an event that took place last week. The U'K itself later condemend the action as "a petty revenge attack for the death of a Holder, who was killed by the incompetence of his own pilot and son."

The attack commenced with the forming of a squadron of PIE Inc. interceptors, that raced into the heart of the Minmatar Republic, intending to deliver an ultimatum to the Republic citizens at Pator. PIE Vice Admiral Rodj Blake called on the citizens of the Republic and its government to condemn terrorism and the murder of Jamil Torash. Blake went on to declare that "time is quickly running out for the Mimatar government". Should they "fail to act against the viper" in their midst, a statement referring to the U'K, all Minmatar should "leave Republic territory" because every Mimatar that remained within supported a government whose policies included aiding known criminals.

Braving the locals' jeers and insults, Blake then offered supplies of Vitoc antidote to any Minmatar wanting to return to slavery in the Empire. After this the PIE Inc. interceptor squadron turned around to join a gathering of loyalist plots there. After arriving in Amarr, they joined CVA, 1st Praetorian Guard and Paladin Imperium fleet consisting of battleships, cruisers and support. Various smaller allies were also present. After a brief mass, they struck out towards territories known to belong to the Ushra'Khan, later joined by two Archon Carrier and three Revelation class Dreadnought.

They met a force of Ushra'Khan warriors guarding their target in the system of YWS0-Z. After sizing up the enemy, the force warped to the facility and unleashed their laser-fire on the starbase. The relatively small defence fleet was not capable of thwarting the attack, despite their best attempts.

After forcing the base into reinforced mode, the bulk of the Amarrian fleet was engaged by a 20-odd group of U'K pilots. The fleet held its own, waiting for the fuel to run out in the tower. During the wait, they assaulted another Starbase and put it into reinforced mode, even though this facility was more heavily defended then the other.

After the first tower got out of reinforced mode and was open to attack, the fleet continued to evaporate the "Minmatar Cultural Education Centre", giving no quarter. Vice-Admiral Blake, speaking for PIE. Inc. was satisfied: " I think you can see that this was no simple educational facility!," referring to the bases' defences.

Speaking for the CVA alliance, Reash of Imperial Dreams corporation said, "the CVA will always stand with Amarr and we shall not back down to terrorists who threaten to murder innocent civilians, we urge all loyal citizens of the Empire to show the foul terrorists of the Ushra'khan the same treatment as we do." It was later confirmed that the strike was dedicated to the memory of Holder Jamir Torash and that a medal in honour of the late nobleman would be conferred on all participants, by the CVA itself, in the "vengeance operation".

Responding for the Ushra'Khan, Admiral Maggot of Freelance Unincorporated, said, "The paramilitaries murdered students and tutors in a peaceful facility. This shows they truely fear the Minmatar." The Ushra'Khan leader went on to affirm the intention of the alliance to rebuild stating, "This is a terrible tragedy for those who lost lives, but we must not let such foul deeds sway us from our goal. Next time the facility will be heavily defended."

Pressed on Amarrian claims that the facility was a terrorist training camp, Maggot declared that, "the facility taught tribal customs, Minmatar lore, and basic skills useful to all young Matari. Sadly we will need to work hard to find tutors of such good quality. [...] It seems even the destruction of a school is acceptable to these evil zealots." The Admiral confessed himself a little taken aback by the size of the attacking force saying, "The enemy fleet has not been seen in such numbers for over a year and we must take note of their renewed strength." However he promised the defiance of the Ushra'Khan was unchanged closing his remarks with the battlecry "Death to Slavery!"