Idama calls summit to help Placid region.

New Eden News | YC108-06-23

INTAKI V - A little over a month since resigning his position at the University of Caille, controversial Intaki spiritual leader Vremaja Idama called for an open summit to discuss the problems afflicting the Intaki populace of the Placid region. Although attendees were deeply divided about the political future of the region, there was a consensus that economic growth should be the first step toward the revitalization of Placid. The region’s vast and untapped mineral wealth was a large topic of discussion as were the pirate raids that plague the area.

The opening moments of the “Placid-Reborn” summit where chaotic as the Idama, with his new wife Vika Kuvakei by his side, was bombarded with greetings and questions. Vika quickly took control of the situation and co-ordinated the statements and questions throughout the proceedings.

Many corporations have a keen interest in the stability of the Placid region. There is an abundance of asteroid resources that have yet to be exploited due to the lack of a Federation Navy presence and some called for the Intaki people to take the region’s security into their own hands instead of relying on the Federation.

One of the corporations calling for an independent Intaki State was the Intaki Union (IU). Skallszy, a corporation Captain representing IU stated,” We in the Intaki Union believe the Intaki people would be better as a free governed State outside of the Federation. And we are ready to fight for our beliefs. We believe the Intaki peoples' greatest allies are the Caldari…”

On the other side of the political spectrum were individuals that think that a separation from the Federation is not practical and a bad idea. One of the most outspoken attendees was Andre Ricard, former employee of Krysalis Industries, now the CEO of Chevaliers Vaillant Corporation. Ricard remarked, “I wish to see all of the Federation improve, and that includes Placid and my Intaki brothers. In the end, we are all brothers under liberty.”

The summit was, for the most part, a discourse about how to make the Placid region more economically stable while trying to find ideas that would attract more Pilots and planet bound families to take advantage of it’s natural resources. There was turmoil near the end of the talks when Skallszy proclaimed, “…we consider the Caldari … Allies and therefore the Amarr … our friends.”

At which point Ricard stood up in disbelief and yelled “Amarr are friends?” His sentiment was mirrored by independent pilot Kage Gestsu who said, “Amarr are friends? That is quite disgusting.”

When asked if the IU would stand by its policy towards the Amarr Empire after such negative reactions, Captain Skallszy reiterated that, “The Amarr are our friends.”

The Idama was pleased to see that Viriette Commerce and Holding, Krysalis Industries and Placid Reborn corporations had made a new alliance named “Placid Coalition” in an attempt to help secure the region and said, “A formal alliance is a large investment that I had not expected at this early stage, but I am glad to have understated your resolve.”

At certain points during the day long summit the Idama seemed slightly confused, but his wife steered the conversations to make sure that many valid issues for both sides were addressed.

Commenting on rumors that Vika has influence over his decisions the Idama said, “She is my wife, and as any married man will tell you, of course a wife influences a husband's decisions … I have often found her viewpoints to be helpful on numerous occasions.”