Reschard V Relief Convoy Destroyed

New Eden News | YC108-02-16

Late Wednesday evening a relief convoy comprised of heavy cargo vessels of The Servant Sisters of EVE, en route to the Reschard disaster, was destroyed by a powersurge after surviving an attack by IRON. Earlier that evening another freighter had technical diffeculties which prevented it from joining the transport according to the Sisters. The accident has claimed the lives of thousand of staff, the life of one Sister pilot and leaves another sister unconscious.

The Freighter convoy which departed from Torrinos was escorted by Sergeant Major Jian and Sergeant Gennel of Mordu's Legion, as well as assorted vessels from several corporations. Trouble struck the convoy when a fleet of Imperial Republic Of the North (IRON) vessels engaged the convoy escort as they entered EC-P8R, a system well known for its frequent corporate battles and acts of piracy just beyond the patrol areas of the Directive Enforcement Department.

A running battle ensued between the IRON force, inexplicably intent on seizing the convoys equipment or simply destroying it outright, and the Mordus forces leading the escort. The fight continued for several systems before the escorts were able to drive off the IRON fleet, with the Mordus Legion pilots taking credit for the destruction of four hostile ships, and the other escorting pilots claiming numerous more. All remained quiet as the convoy traversed the last few systems in its route, and despite the Deliverance , under the command of Sister Risendorf, suffering from an unusual warp drive malfunction, the convoy and its escort safely arrived in the Reschard system. However, as the freighters began to enter warp toward Reschard V, the scene of the Planet-wide devastation and intended recipient of the vast aid effort, the final disastrous event took place.

Just as the Deliverance entered warp, Sergeant Major Jian detected a massive power surge within the cargo bay of the vessel. The Legion vessels could do little but watch on long range scanners as the Deliverance exploded in mid-warp, the shock wave from the blast not only destroying The Angel , the second freighter commanded by Ippis Hungdang and following closely in warp, but the escape pods of both pilots as well. Sources within the Sisters of EVE have indicated that despite her clone being activated, Sister Risendorf remains in a coma in critical condition in their medical facilities. Ippis, however, was not so lucky – interference from the warp tunnel prevented the clone system from functioning correctly, and as such the Sisters of EVE and the Gallente Federation have listed him as deceased.

Shortly after the destruction of the convoy, a spokesman for the Sisters of EVE stated “We have not yet given up hope for the survivors of the Reschard V disaster, and we will attempt to provide as much assistance as we are able; however, the chances of finding and aiding survivors on the surface of the planet grow fainter with every passing day” When questioned over both the overt and covert attacks on their convoy, the spokesman replied “We are horrified by these attacks on a peaceful, humanitarian mission, and disgusted that anyone could even consider such an act against both humanity and the Sisters, a well noted neutral party in galactic affairs.” The freighters were carrying medics, scientist and other volunteers as well as thousands of isk worth in medical supplies. The lossses in the human lives lost during the accident and the losses that will follow from the delay of supplies will be staggering.

With the IRON alliance facing widespread condemnation for what several Gallente Federation senators have described as “the most cruel and callous act of piracy seen in recent times”, much attention has been diverted from the question of just who sabotaged the freighters – a backup plan executed by IRON after the failure of their fleet, or a strike from an unseen and as yet unknown enemy? No matter who was responsible for this vile act, the Servant Sisters of EVE “vows that those behind this attack on the SoE will be made to pay.”