High Volume Missile Acquisitions Raise Little Question

New Eden News | YC108-01-28

Market and customs agents have noted a recent upswing in the purchase and movement of missiles within Caldari regions. It has been reported by some pilots that large quantities of missiles are being delivered to specific individuals for well above their market price.

Over the past few days offers of millions of isk for delivery of large quantities of missiles, ranging from light to cruise, have been publicly solicited across open Caldari channels. Eager and enterprising pilots have stepped up to the call delivering possibly hundreds of thousands of explosive ordinance to the requestor within Caldari space.

While few speculate wildly about the implications of these events, others don’t give it a second thought. Regardless many pilots remain willing and ready to provide goods to whatever ends. The true destination for these goods is still a mystery.

Market analysts and other security professionals are regarding the issue as a market fluctuation, with cause for no undue concern.