Quality-focused campaign proves successful, SC says

New Eden News | YC108-02-08

THE FORGE. The first steps of a new marketing strategy targeting the quality-conscious pod-pilots were a success, Strata Corp CEO said.

As part of a renewed strategy to counter the raising pressure from Gallente imports, Caldari high-tech producers are increasing exposure of their products among the pod-pilot community, according to Strata Corp CEO David Simmons. The New Caldari-based transmitter producer "has engaged in an aggressive marketing campaign to raise consumer awareness of the higher quality of Caldari manufacture," Mr. Simmons said. "When quality becomes the determining factor for purchase decision, all analyses show that the pod-pilot community is the most receptive, always willing to pay a premium for the best available products."

Whether this is the case for transmitters is a matter of debate. "While I'm unable to speak for the whole Gallente transmitter market, let alone the entire Gallente hi-tech market, I can say it is a fact that our products have performances similar to any other currently being supplied in the State," said Anaiolen Oruvei, PR Director of Soullier Laboratories, a Federation-based transmitter producer with a substantial presence in Caldari space. "The product in question is highly commoditized, and every product for sale - ours included, of course - complies with both State and Federation regulations."

Some have even argued that Strata Corp's campaign, its holo ads showing their product crushing a caricaturized yet recognizable Federation logo along with the slogan "Caldari: it's just better", seems to be focused not so much on quality as on national pride. "Such accusations are quite obviously down to the frustration of competitors that do not understand the Caldari market and the Caldari consumer," said Strata Corp CFO Jenny Civ. "Quality is such a defining part of the Caldari spirit that saying 'Caldari quality' would be redundant. Of course, a portion of our consumers may feel more inclined to purchase a product built in the State, under State-enforced labour conditions and complying with the highest standards, than a product of dubious origin such as imported ones, where the working conditions can never be verified."

Debates on nationalism aside, Strata Corp achieved a remarkable success in the first steps of their new strategy. Pod-pilots in New Caldari proved receptive to SC's campaign, acquiring "several thousand units" according to Mr. Simmons, who also indicated that the sell figures of this first phase had met their strategic goals.

"This is just the first step," said Mr. Simmons. "We will not have the Gallente invading our space unchallenged; in fact, we will push ourselves to not only stop them in their tracks, but to reverse the invading tide entirely."