Privy Council orders investigation into Tetrimon temple

New Eden News | YC108-06-06

The Privy Council has ordered the Royal Amarr Institute and Hedion University to conduct an investigation into the legitimacy of "historical facts" surrounding the temple of 'God’s Assuring Whisper'. The temple is said to be an Amarrian religious centre which was destroyed during the Moral Reforms. The edict follows last week’s successful recovery of religious artifacts by the Order of St. Tetrimon; believed to have originated from within the ancient temple site.

The existence of the relics was allegedly uncovered in the scriptures by followers of the Tetrimon Cult. Described by the Cult as 'holy statues', symbolic of faith and servitude, they are said to have once stood in the halls of 'God’s Assuring Whisper' and "watched over Amarrians receiving training on how to walk the path of God and work in the spirit of the Reclaiming." The Tetrimon Cult believes that the recovery of the statues will herald the coming of a new Reclaiming that will "bring God’s faith to all."

Sources within the Privy Council have commented that its members have been furtively discussing the religious significance of the artifacts. While the council itself is reported to have been pressuring the Theology Council to commit more resources to the study of the Holy Scriptures and verify the story behind the temple and its relics.

In recent weeks scholars from across the Empire with links to the Theology Council have been seen arriving in the Amarr Solar System where the Tetrimon scriptures are being kept. The assembly of theologians has been seen by many individuals as a reaction to the increased pressure to complete the study of the religious texts.