Alliance Tournament Sign-ups to Commence

New Eden News | YC108-06-14

The official registration period for capsuleer alliances wishing to participate in the upcoming Alliance Tournament will begin today, a spokesperson for the Caldari Gaming Commission has announced. The contest is the second of its kind to be held by the CGC and the first matches are scheduled to commence on the 14th of July.

As with the previous tournament the Executor Corporation CEO of those alliances wishing to participate will be required to register on behalf of their alliance at the tournament sign-up page.

Registration for the tournament will continue for two weeks, during which time the first one hundred and twenty eight alliances to register will be given a place in the competition. The CGC has also stated that the top sixteen alliances from the last tournament will be guaranteed a position if they choose to compete by registering.

Unlike in the first tournament, teams will consist of five combatants, each piloting a different ship class ranging from frigates to battleships. Organisers are hopeful that the inclusion of destroyer and battlecruiser class vessels in the contest will dramatically improve upon the tactical aspect of the competition, and provide far more spectacular and entertaining battles than in the previous tournament.

Edouard D'Evereux, a Professor of Mixed Unit Tactics at the Federal Navy Academy, has applauded the decision to include the newer ship classes. “History has repeatedly shown us that it is not necessarily the side with the best technology that wins a battle, but the side that makes better use of its units and tactics to defeat the enemy.” He went on to express his interest in how the capsuleer alliances might make use of the newer ship types in the tournament. “I think the Command Ship battlecruiser variants will really show their full potential for squad-based warfare in this tournament.”

More information can be found here.