Minmatars excited over new technologies

New Eden News | YC105-12-22

The slew of new technologies flooding the Minmatar Republic has spurred many Minmatars to start agitating for taking up arms against the enemies of the Republic. Parliament members from the Brutor tribe, which suffered the most under Amarrian tyranny, are certain that with the host of new weaponry available the Amarrians and the hated Ammatars can be defeated once and for all. The Brutors are being supported overtly and covertly by the Krusual tribe, though political experts say they are only doing so to weaken the authority of the Sebiestor tribe, the leaders of the parliament and the main rivals of the Krusual tribe.

Spokesmen for the Sebiestor tribe have tried to tone down the fierce sentiments of the Brutors, for instance by pointing out that the other empires, the Amarr Empire included, are also reaping the benefits of these new technologies, so even if the military might of the Republic is undoubtedly stronger, the same applies to the navies of the other empires. A strong rumor from within the government suggests that a compromise deal may be in the making, where the Republic would secretly support unlawful elements that are fighting the Amarr Empire. It is believed that this not only includes Minmatar rebels, but also independent factions in the outer regions, such as the Angel Cartel and even the Blood Raiders and Sansha’s Nation. Naturally, nothing of this has been confirmed