President Foiritan defends research expenditure

New Eden News | YC105-11-25

Federation President Foiritan has come under increasing pressure in the last few weeks because of his extravagant expenditure on research. The Senate has frowned upon the independent research activities directed by the President ever since he came into office, stating that such activities did not befit the most powerful man in the Federation. Many Senators have even gone so far as to say that the research efforts are just a cover up for Foiritans obsessive expenditure on hi-tech gadgets. It is a common knowledge that the President collects such trinkets, but he has always claimed the expenditure comes out of his own pocket. In a press release a spokeswoman for the President said he had nothing to hide and the rumors being circulated by some Senators were just underhanded attempts by them to undermine the President's authority and would not be tolerated. The research budget under the President's supervision was well spent on R&D; projects that would prove their value to the Federation before long. Political analysts have speculated that this latest attacks by members of the Senate on the President were warning shots to him to stay clear of the budget discussions due next week in the Senate, where it is speculated that the two sides will meet head on debating what to do with the budget surplus.