Uriam Kador calls for Investigation!

New Eden News | YC105-11-30

As one of his first acts as the new Family Kador Heir, Uriam Kador calls for an investigation into the security failure that surrounded the Imperial Inauguration. He issued the following statement less than an hour after being informed of what had transpired at the inauguration.

"Our Emperor was visciously attacked during this most sacred time. I call for the immediate resignation of those who where charged with providing for his security, and a purge of the military of all those traitors to the Empire who allowed for this travesty to take place..."

News analysts are still assembling a profile for the new Heirs, but this fast call for action is not typical for a newly invested Heir. Especially with the long history of Family Kador and their long reverence for the traditions of the Amarr Empire. Normally there are several smaller ceremonies in honor of the newly designated Heirs. What this could mean for the future of the politics within the Amarr Empire is unknown at this time.