Amarr Imperial fleet on alert as Inauguration draws closer - Miner executed

New Eden News | YC105-11-29

Captains of the Amarr Imperial fleet have received notification that they are to be "alert and ready" today as security measures are stepped up all throughout Amarr space. Convoys of ceremonial ships have been seen travelling at the outer edges of Empire space today surrounded by large military fleets. In an unfortunate incident, a lone miner was detained and later executed for "suspicious curiosity” after contacting passing Imperial Fleet ships and asking, “where they were going with all those guns”. Empire spokesmen were unwilling to confirm claims of several other incidents similar in nature that have been reported today: “We are simply making sure that today’s sacred event is not disrupted in any way. There are many who wish our Empire ill and it is our duty to insure that their will is not done.”

Invitations to the event have been sent out to selected Empire pilots.