Making It BIG

BIG corporation celebrates the third anniversary of its galaxy renowned lottery program this coming Monday.

The prize money is ever-increasing but, at last count, it exceeded 11 billion ISK already - not to mention a coveted Navy Issue Megathron and many other goodies. TornSoul, CEO of BIG corporation is thrilled by the donations that have allowed such a huge prize.

"We had planned to just assure there would be at least 3 billion in cash prizes... A sponsor, out of the blue, approached us asking if it would be ok to donate for the anniversary round."

This sponsor was the Eve Intergalactic Bank, who donated several billion ISK as well as the Navy Issue Megathron, a very coveted prize indeed. This wasn't the last of it though - other sponsors have since donated a Freighter, among several other amazing ships and rare modules as prizes. Monday's draw will definitely make a few people very happy!

Since its inception, the BIG lottery has grown considerably, now attracting almost ten times more entrants than the first draw, all those months ago.

"Getting the lottery started," said TornSoul, speaking on BIG's early days, "... was not really a problem. It was simply a matter of 'doing it', and then praying it would have some interest."

One long-standing participant in the BIG lottery has played in each and every round since the beginning - and he's never won a thing. TornSoul has more hopes for Omber Zombie, the lottery's most loyal player, this time round. To give Zombie (and everyone else) a greater chance of winning, the total number of prizes is higher than ever. There are over 40 separate prizes up for grabs, a separate draw being held for each.

As the first pod-pilot only endeavour to reach such a successful third-year anniversary, the BIG lottery casts an optimistic light on the economic future of the community. Hopefully, BIG's success will provide inspiration to new corporations and hope to older, struggling entities.

When quizzed on the future of BIG corp, TornSoul was quite hopeful. The corporation's latest endeavour, the BIG Merchant Bank of Eve (BMBE) is having some minor setbacks, but is endeavouring regardless. "I'd much rather be able to help 'fledglings' start up, but the market just isn't there right now."

And the future of the BIG lottery? It will go for as long as anyone cares to play it, says TornSoul. Don't forget to purchase your tickets over the weekend if you wish to try your luck in this lottery. For more information, look here or join the channel "BIG Games".