An Interview with Aralis

Today we take a look at the Curatores Veritatis Alliance, known cluster-wide as the CVA. I was able to sit down with Aralis, CEO of the Amarrian loyalist industrial powerhouse Imperial Dreams, and the executor of the CVA, for an in-depth look at the last year of it's operations in the Providence region.

Raekhan: Imperial Dreams has been the industrial backbone of CVA since it's inception. How did your corporation come to be in the beginning?

Aralis: It was formed almost as soon as pod pilots hit space. Many Amarrian citizens who had known one another, well before the time of pod pilots even, agreed to try and form a corporation to help defend the Empire.

Raekhan: CVA's mission in Providence and subsequent movement of operations there was a bit of a surprise to many, an Empire Loyalist group attempting to secure a path into lawless space for all. What prompted the Deliverance project?

Aralis: It was always primarily an Imperial Dreams project. I think it surprised many. Our interests have long included matters outside the Empire proper. We felt that this was a chance to try and pacify a part of the unpoliced areas and bring it back into the Empire. The area was so overrun with pirates they had no targets. It was dead before we moved in apart from frustrated pirates. The idea was to return security to both that part of space and to low security parts of Domain hassled by pirates.

Raekhan: Do you think the Amarr Empire would ever look to 'reclaim' the space you have tried to pacify? Would you recommend that they even attempt to do so?

Aralis: Yes this is our aim and eventual hope. If resistance is quelled this area can be restored to civilisation. Of course all will depend on who is the next Emperor.

Raekhan: CVA recently parted ways with several of it's corporations, including PIE (Praetoria Imperialis Excubitoris) and ISG (Imperial Star Guards). This move surprised a lot of people. Did this move hurt or help the Amarrian cause?

Aralis: It surprised me - when it was first proposed. It was planned long before it happened. The ex CVA corporations remain on excellent terms with CVA - the alliance is really only changed in name. It reflects different focus between those intent on protecting Amarr's heartlands from terrorists and those who wished to defend the borders from pirates and expand the area. Both parts fully approve of the actions of the others but there was some feeling that the official alliance structure was causing our efforts to interfere with each other.

Raekhan: The Return of the order of St. Tetrimon to Amarr space has caused a great deal of unrest and speculation across the entirety of the Empire. As a Loyalist Alliance leader, what are your thoughts on their cause and the divisions that seem to be forming in it's wake?

Aralis: Indeed that does make life very difficult. However our loyalty is to the Emperor whoever he may be! It is for him to decide these issues for us. The absence of an Emperor is very distressing and we are unable to understand why no new decision has been made and tournament arranged.

Raekhan: The protection of the 'Deliverance Corridor' has been a joint effort among several parties, including Huzzah Federation and the Interstellar Alcohol Conglomerate. How do you think the political decisions of those organisations, especially in the matter of the upcoming wars in the South involving Stain Alliance, will affect the project as a whole?

Aralis: Nobody elses political decisions affect CVA policies. Our defence of the empire is absolute. We greatly appreciate the help we have had from others including those you mention but their absence wouldn't change us.

Raekhan: If you could say one piece of wisdom to a new Amarrian pilot fresh out of the Academy, what would it be?

Aralis: You aren't as constrained as you think you are. Decide what you want to do and do it. And remember that what you do sets your record for the future. Plan ahead and join a corporation that suits you and your style and your goals. Not one that just happens to be handy or that you think may offer short term advantage. Above all - keep your honour. No one can take it off you and once you lose it you can't get it back.