Mysterious Corporation reported terrorizing Curse

CURSE. News reports from the border stations tell of a new group of hostile pilots attacking wayfarers and residents in this traditionally notorious area of space.

The hostile pilots, identified as members of the Dark Angels Corporation, were first sighted around the Utopia and HLW-HP solar systems last Sunday, apparently roaming the area attacking all ships in their path with no clear provocation or cause.

Those who encountered the group, allegedly numbering in five vessels, reported that they did not respond to hails or contact attempts. A civilian transport captain, who narrowly escaped after being attacked, spoke to the Interstellar Correspondents about his ordeal. “I picked up a distress broadcast in HLW-HP but the signal was all garbled like their comm. arrays were damaged. All I could make out were the words ‘dark angel’ and ‘ghosts’. When I went to investigate the source those ships were waiting for me and attacked without warning! I barely made it out of there in one piece.”

Though the details are unclear, reports indicate that a Jericho Fraction's Blackbird-class Cruiser and a Legio Nova Invicta's Interceptor were the only confirmed casualties of the seemingly random attacks, though several civilian vessels have been reported missing in the area since the weekend.

After an initial skirmish, the hostile crafts were eventually hunted down and destroyed in the CL-85V solar system by a capsuleer force of around twenty vessels, primarily consisting of Legio Nova Invicta pilots. No Dark Angels representative could be contacted for comment after the battle, and the pilot's motivations remain a mystery